our process

The Design/Build Process, a model for success

At Alderview we use a proven design/build process for our luxury home or custom renovations. This process invites and encourages collaboration between all parties. We strive to make our process as transparent and client-centered as possible, and as the project owner, you will be a part of every decision made on your project. We hope to make the building process as enjoyable as living in your new home.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Consultation

    We sit down with you and discuss your ideas. We’ll identify your needs, suggest solutions, and determine the scope of work for the project.

  • Design Consultation

    We will bring in a designer and/or an architect who best fits your needs, and together we’ll sketch out a general plan and begin the discussion of what you want your finish project to accomplish. We will measure and photograph your project to produce the initial design.

  • Design Agreement

    We will prepare a detailed Design Agreement for your project that provides the design fees prior to the initial design.

  • Design Documents

    As a design/build team, we work with you to finalize the design documents in detail and prepare documents for construction bidding.

  • Construction Pricing

    Alderview representatives will accompany specialty contractors on a project walk-through to provide the most competitive and accurate estimates.

  • Bid Proposal

    We will provide you with a proposal outlining the costs of the project, the timeline, and terms of payment. A contract will be presented for our services.

  • Construction

    A construction team will be chosen, led by Alderview owner Tim Coughran, and construction will begin. Upon completion, the owner, architect/designer, and Tim Coughran will do a final walk-through for your approval.